Classic Set

This is best for someone who has a lot of natural lashes but wants the look of mascara plus length and a defined curl . Unlimited extensions means that an extension is applied to every healthy lash possible.

$85 - Full Set (2 hr)

$65 - Fill (2 hrs)

Note: Touch Ups after 21 days are considered new sets.


A hybrid set is a combination of Classic Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Extensions. The Volume technique is when more than one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. 2-3 false lashes will be applied to a natural lash. Volume lashes are thinner and lighter than lashes used for Classic extensions so that they do not weigh down the natural lash.

$120 / Full Set (3 hrs)

$80 / Fill (2 hrs) 

Note: Touch Ups after 21 days are considered new sets.

Russian Volume / American Volume

This look can be customizable from wispy to dramatic. 2-6 lash extensions are applied to each lash. Retention is better than classic or hybrid lashes because the lashes wrap around the natural lash and create a stronger bond. Lashes are full from fill to fill! This option is great for women who want to skip the eyeliner. Do you want a perfect edge? Do you want an imperfect look? Let me know and I will adjust accordingly.

$140 - Full Set (3 hrs)

$95 - Fill (2 hrs)

Note: Touch Ups after 21 days are considered new sets.


Optional. To be done before a new set or fill. For clients who want to do everything they can to extend the life of their lash extensions. I thoroughly clean your lashes with a brush and ph balanced cleanser and then rinse with distilled water. It is mandatory for those who arrive with makeup on their lashes.

$15 – 15 mins


A removal may be required if you have had extensions done by another technician. If coming in with an existing set for a fill, I may opt to do a full removal and start fresh if clumps are present. Manual removal may be damaging when excessive glue was used and if you have natural lashes stuck together. A professional cream remover is a gentler choice in that case. Alternatively, you may have extensions for a special occasion and want them removed.

$35 – 30 mins

Patch Test:

For those concerned about allergic reactions or who have sensitive skin prone to reactions. We apply a few extensions to each eye and wait 24 hours to assess the body’s reaction before moving forward with the full set.

$30 – 30 mins

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