Chay Tea Beauty

welcome to effortless beauty


Do you ever wish you could say, “I woke up like this!”, and have that selfie ready look with minimal effort? Look no further than the certified, professionally trained lash technician of Chay tea Beauty and semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Amazing lashes require patience, a couple of steady hands and an eye for symmetry.  My name is Chay (pronounced "Chai" like the tea) and I am a home based lash technician, double certified by Lash Up Pro® and® Lashes.

As a Brand Ambassador of® Lashes, I guarantee quality products while providing a soothing environment that you can almost take a nap in!

At Chay Tea Beauty, I want you to wake up looking and feeling fabulous every day with semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Welcome to the flawless life!


How To Choose A Lash Artist?

It can be difficult choosing a lash technician. Here are some things to consider:

Does she take the time to understand what your desired look is?

Does she work with you to figure out retention issue?

Does she care enough to talk about lash cleaning and good lash habits?

Does she explain and help you understand the process and science behind application when you ask?

Does she take time to ensure you are comfortable throughout application (eye pads are not bruising your eyes, you are not cold, your watering eyes are blotted dry, you have a supported neck and back, you have had water, etc.)

Does she help you understand the factors affecting limits to length and fullness?

Does she ensure your eyes are fully closed the entire time?

Are your lashes comfortable?

Does she create an environment in which you may take a nap if needed?

Is she punctual?

Has she had formal training?

Is she rushed?

Does she use quality products?

Does she ensure that the adhesive never touches your skin?

If you’ve had an unpleasant experience with lash extensions in the past (and lord knows I have!), please don’t give up! It can be a relaxing experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!